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Located on two wooded acres in a park-like setting near the Morton Arboretum in DuPage County, Shahina has made her studio a haven for creative expression. Here she teaches Middle Eastern Dance classes four days each week. But look! Shahina has even more than belly dance for you.

Whether you are a dancer seeking to immerse yourself in other aspects of Middle Eastern culture and craft, or a non-dancer with artistic interests, Shahina invites you to join her as her innermost passions manifest in these myriad forms.

Silk Dyeing

I enjoy creating beautiful silks for myself and my students. Each is unique. Each one has a personality.


Henna or mehndi is from the culture of India, and is traditionally used to decorate the hands and feet of a bride before her wedding. Henna patterns are very striking if properly done. Each summer I conduct a henna party and workshop at my studio.


Dancing is one way in which I express my innermost emotion. Writing poetry is another, but the times when I feel I am truly at my best are when the two come together and I can dance my poems or write my dance.


Eastern rhythms are so different from what western ears are accustomed to. Every bit I learn about drumming improves my dance.

Painting & Drawing

I reveal my thoughts and feelings in dance and poetry, then reinterpret the words and movements in oils and watercolors.


I also find artistic expression in modeling for professional photographers, artists and sculptors. I often pose dancing with silks dyed in patterns of my own creation, or with henna markings or body paintings of my own design.

Belly Dance

I remain first and foremost a dancer. Experience the poetry of the soul. Let yourself become a part of the energy of the dance. Join the falconess in flight.

Happy Shahina

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