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Silks For Belly Dance by Shahina

Shahina hand dyes her own silks for costumes and veils. When you see a belly dancer in Chicago performing with a gorgeous silk veil, chances are it was created by Shahina!

Shahina is famous for her beautiful handmade costumes and her lovely use of her own silk veils in her dance performances.

Shahina incorporates veil work into her Middle Eastern dance classes, and conducts skills workshops on working with veils for both the beginning and intermediate belly dancer.

Shahina also holds several half-day workshops each year in which she shares her secrets in the art of silk dying. You don't need to be a belly dancer to attend! Check Shahina's calendar for dates of upcoming silk dyeing workshops.

Shahina is a professional belly dance performer, and does not sell bulk silks commercially. Her silk creations are another expression of her art, and the silk is her canvas. Each piece is truly “one-of-a-kind.” In fact, her unique patterns may be seen as backgrounds to some of the pages in her belly dance website.

While she does not mass-produce veils, she does occasionally make a silk available. Contact Shahina if you are interested in owning a silk of your very own.

"Although the belly dance community is larger down here than in Chicago, I have yet to find veils as nice as yours down here. I currently dance only with one of your rainbow 3.5 yard veils. I could really use at least a couple more from you beautiful line of veils". —Sarahbeth, Dallas Texas read more reviews

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