Performance and Party Information

Shahina’s belly dance performances are renown for being artistic, joyous, professional, and suitable for all ages. Performances are in professional costume appropriate for the venue. Workshops are conducted in practice attire appropriate for the type of workshop planned (check out shahina’s studio for more info) – Shahina does not attempt to embarrass honorees or guests with vulgar or obscene dance moves, nor does she ”work the crowd” for tips.

Final prices will be quoted upon agreement as to the details of the performance. Quoted prices are all-inclusive, meaning that no gratuity, travel or surprise expenses will be added after the fact. If they are applicable, they will be already included in the quotation.

Please feel free to discuss your vision of your event with Shahina so we can work together to create the desired effect.


Some typical types of performances offered are:

Bellygram —A short performance appropriate for restaurants, workplaces and private parties where you wish to surprise and honor someone celebrating a birthday, marriage, retirement, etc. when space and time are short and other things are happening. Shahina can present a special gift or message to your honoree if desired and prearranged. A bellygram takes 10-15 minutes and is priced at $195.

Full Performance Set—A more staged entertainment appropriate for weddings, banquets, conferences, fundraisers, festivals and parties. One set includes 3 to 5 pieces for approximately 20-30 minutes of dancing by Shahina. This is custom tailored to your wishes and may include audience participation if requested. The base price is $250; additional sets are at greatly reduced rates. Multiple dancers are available at an extra cost for a continuous show if desired.

Belly Dance Workshop and Party—Appropriate indoors or outdoors around a bonfire. This is a great way to celebrate a marriage, birth, engagement, sweet sixteen, quinceanera, rite of passage, blessingway, retirement, mother’s night out, goddess party, or sorority party. Shahina will begin with one performance number and proceed with 45-55 minutes of instruction (1 hour total). Shahina will bring hip scarves and silk veils for up to 12 participants to use. If desired, Shahina can also have hip scarves and veils available for purchase but she will not sell anything at your event unless you request her to do so. The price of a one hour dance workshop/party is $250 for up to 12 guests; additional guests $5 each.

Children’s Birthday Party —A popular favorite for little girls of all ages. Even the hard to please adolescent or teenager will love this party. Shahina will bring silks and jewelry, bangle and percussion instruments for the children to dress up in and play. She will tell a story in dance, helping the children to participate as much as is appropriate for the ages of the children. Priced at $195.