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For your next celebration, why not consider professional belly dance by Shahina? Hire a belly dancer to entertain your guests.

Shahina’s performance and costume can be tailored to suit the mood and character of almost any event— joyous, whimsical, cultural, artistic, somber, sensual.

What are you looking for?

Someone getting married?
Are you planning an anniversary party, couple’s shower, engagement party or wedding reception? With her white silk veil, Shahina will weave her magical web of love between husband and wife.

Celebrating a Birth
Are you planning a blessingway, baby shower, adoption blessing or fertility ceremony? What could be a more appropriate way to celebrate a new life than to invoke the ancient and original birthing dance? Let Shahina honor the mother goddess deep within every woman with a belly dance performance or perhaps a performance combined with a group lesson.

Women's Life Milestones
Are you planning a bridal shower, bachelorette party, rite of passage, sweet sixteen, quinceñaera, coming of age, mother-daughter night, ladies night out, independence party, mom’s night out, or goddess party? Shahina’s magical dance honors the divine feminine wisdom which lies deep within every woman, be she maiden, mother or matron. A performance, perhaps combined with a group lesson, is a deeply meaningful way to honor these uniquely feminine occasions.

Men's Fellowship
Are you planning a bachelor party or birthday celebration for a male friend or co-worker? Are you looking for a classy alternative to that cliché and tasteless “stripper” issue? A tasteful performance by a professional belly dancer is the ideal solution to your dilemma. Shahina’s dance can be artistic, sensual, even erotic, but never brazen, offensive or tacky.

Group Events
Are you planning a retirement party, company picnic, office party, theme party, birthday party, fundraiser, cultural fair, festival, convention, conference, meeting, seminar or trade show? Shahina’s dance can be made to entertain, express emotion, tell a story, create a mood, attract a crowd, break the ice, paint a vision or spark the imagination.

Children's Parties
Little girls love anything colorful, flashy, sparkly and noisy. Shahina will delight your daughter when she arrives with colorful silks and jewelry, tambourine and drum in hand. Shahina will tell a story with her dance and involve all the children in dressing up and setting the scene. Each event is created for the individual child, so if you have a favorite story she can adapt it to fit the occasion.

Contact Shahina to explore the possibilities!

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