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Whether called belly dance, raqs sharki, or Middle Eastern dance, the public and the press have always been fascinated by the exotic lure of the Eastern dancer and the trappings that surround her. Editors and publishers the world over know that a story or photo of a pretty girl in a glamorous outfit is sure to boost readership.

I keep a running archive of articles from the popular world press showing the attitude toward belly dance that prevails at the time. These are mostly articles written by feature writers for the general audiences, not by trained dancers or musicians. They are made available here intact, with all their misconceptions and prejudices left unedited.

This archive contains news stories from the years listed that are either timeless in their presentation or historically significant for their content.

More recent articles are posted on the in the news page. For news and information specifically about Shahina and her dance use the links on the left-hand side of this page.

Belly Dance Press Archive by Year

Current Middle Eastern Dance News
What the press is saying about Arabic dance this month, this week, today.

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Bellydance News Archive 1997 & Prior
From the earliest days of the world wide web, and before.

Press Archives by Topic

Shahina in the News
Egypt's Ban of Foreign Dancers
Bellydance Pregnancy and Childbirth
Bellydance Superstars
Censorship and Discrimination 


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