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This section of my website contains links to a wealth of belly dance resource material available on the world wide web. Some pages listed here are my own, most are links to others. Some are truly world-wide.

Please remember that Middle Eastern dance does not take place on the internet. It takes place wherever you are watching dance, or dancing yourself. On stage, in a restaurant or nightclub, or at home among close friends; this is the essence of dance. I hope these links help you on your journey to that special place.


Music, Books, Videos
  Shahina's bookstore My favorite dance CDs, DVDs and books
  Shahina's Om Kalsoum page
  ARC Music Recordings from the Middle East and around the world
  Belly Dancing Instructional Videos

  IndiasCraft Tribal & Ancient Indian Arts
  Dawn Devine Brown  Costume making books
  Cairo Couture  Costume boutique in San Francisco

Silk Resources
  Shahina's silks page
  Nahari Silk Veils

Henna Resources
  Shahina's Henna Page
  The Henna Page
  Henna Books

Drumming Links
  Shahina's Hossam Ramzy page
  Shahina's Drumming page

Middle Eastern Dance News & Events
  Madam Mozuna's Caravanserai
  Midwest Bellydance Happenings An on-line dance community
  Shahina's Belly Dance In The News

Middle Eastern Dance Resources
 Cassandra's Middle Eastern Dance
 Shahina's Dancer and Instructor Directory
 An excellent list of belly dance writings from a scholarly viewpoint.
 The Magic of Oriental Dance

  Zaghareet An American belly dance magazine
  The Gilded Serpent An on-line magazine
  Belly Dancer Magazine by Zania Hart
  Jareeda Magazine

Middle Eastern Culture
 Arab American National Museum in Dearborn Michigan
 The Egyptian Castle includes classic belly dance video clips

Non-Dance Links
 Shahina's miscellaneous links, etcetera area

Belly Laughs
  Shahina's Belly Laughs page Humor for belly dancers
  Shahina's Hamster Dance page The original internet dance site.
  Belly Dance Limericks Poetry strictly for the light-hearted.

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