Images of Belly Dance: Shahina's Photo Album

Poetry in motion captured as light on film. The world of Chicago Belly Dancer Shahina, where you can open your heart and feel the pulse of the Earth resounding in your veins, is frozen in time in these image collections. Scroll down to choose a gallery to enter, or click here to begin.

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Candid Images of Belly Dance

Shahina captured live on stage and at bellygrams.

Professional Belly Dance Photography

Professional Photos
Dance modeling by Shahina

Belly Dance Scrapbook

People and places from Shahina's travels

Zephyra Belly dance Troupe

Middle Eastern dance troupe under the artistic direction of Shahina

Belly Dance Parties at Shahina's Studio

Let's Party!
Workshops, seminars and celebrations

Henna or Mehndi

Henna Patterns
Mehndi markings modeled by Shahina and her dancers from Shahina’s henna parties

Photography, Painting and Drawing by Shahina

Photos, Paintings
Art created by Shahina in her studio and in the field.

Silk Dyeing Patterns

Silk Patterns
Abstract patterns, each unique, created on silk veils handmade by Shahina.

Bellydance Record Jacket Covers

Belly Laughs
LP jacket artwork from Shahina's collection

Internet Belly Dance Graphics

Website Images
Images of Shahina used on her internet site

The poetry of the soul that is the dance artistry of Shahina can only be fully experienced at a live performance. Check Shahina's calendar for public appearances or engage Shahina for a private performance at your next event.


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Featured Belly Dance Image

Shoshanna of California and Shahina of Chicago.

California's Shoshanna with Shahina of Chicago in 2006.