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Belly Aches: Shahina's Editorials

Shahina has some strong opinions about the business of belly dance, the arts, and why she does what she does. Often opinionated, sometimes controversial, always thoughtful and entertaining, Shahina shares her observations with you.

The Dancer

An excerpt from "The Wanderer by Khalil Gibran

    Once there came to the court of the Prince of Birkasha a dancer and her musicians. And she was admitted to the court. And she danced to the music of the flute, the lute, and the zither.

    She danced the dance of flames and fire, and the dance of swords and spears; she danced the dance of stars and the dance of space, and then she danced the dance of flowers in the wind.

    When she had finished, she approached the prince and bowed her body before him. The prince bade her to come nearer, and said unto her, "Beautiful woman, daughter of grace and delight, whence comes your art? And how is it that you command all the elements in your rhythms and your rhymes?"

    And the dancer came near and bowed her body again and said, "Gracious majesty, I know not the answer to your questionings. Only this I know: The philosopher's soul dwells within his head, the poet's soul dwells within his heart, the singer's soul dwells about his throat, but the soul of the dancer abides in all her body."

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