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Middle Eastern Dance Quick Reference Guide

Looking for something in particular? Here are the ten most common reasons folks visit Shahina's website, with shortcuts to take you to your area of greatest interest.

This section makes references only the most popular general topics in the broadest sense. If one of these topics suits your area of interest the corresponding links listed will provide some good starting points from which to further narrow your focus.

1. I need a belly dancer to perform for an event.
The performance area is the place to begin. Bellygrams are the simplest performance. Peruse various performance options and suggestions.

2. I'd like to take belly dancing lessons.
Begin in the lessons area. Review class descriptions, class prices and policies.

3. I wish to learn more about Middle Eastern dance.
This huge topic is well categorized in the links area. Current brief articles about belly dance from the world press are found on the news page; older articles are in the news archives. Lengthier texts are reviewed in the bookstore. Pictures are found in the gallery.

4. I want to attend a Middle Eastern dance performance or related event.
Check the calendar for events sponsored by or participated in by Shahina. The calendar also includes events sponsored by others that Shahina considers to be worthy of your attention.

5. My interest is Middle Eastern music.
The music store has a huge collection, much of it "off the beaten path", such as pages devoted to historical vocalist Om Kalsoum and contemporary percussionist Hossam Ramzy. Egyptian style drumming for dance is featured on the drumming page.

6. I want to learn more about henna or mehndi.
Begin at the henna page. See the henna gallery for live examples of mehndi patterns. Check the calendar for the dates of Shahina's annual henna parties.

7. Shahina is my teacher.
Enter the student area. View the current or upcoming weekly class schedule.

8. Silks, silk dyeing and costumes are my interest.
Start on the silk page. Check the calendar to see if any dyeing workshops are scheduled.

9. Who is Shahina, anyway?
Read about Shahina, see her photo album and read reviews of her work.

10. I'm searching for Shahina the art model. Is this the right place?
Yes. Shahina the Middle Eastern dancer and Shahina the art model are one and the same. Ditto for Shahina the hula dancer.

In General
If your interest is specifically Middle Eastern dance as interpreted by Chicago belly dancer Shahina, the home page is a good start. Topics related to Shahina but not directly to the subject of Middle Eastern dance are likely to be found in the studio. Items not specifically related to Shahina are most often found in the links or news area.

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