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About Shahina
Shahina is a professional belly dancer, a performer of Middle Eastern dance or danse orientale. Shahina lives near Glen Ellyn Illinois in the western suburbs of Chicago. In addition to her vocation as a belly dancer and her other dance pursuits, Shahina finds artistic expression in silk dyeing, figure modeling, painting, drawing, and composing poetry. Learn more about Shahina:

About Zephyra
Zephyra is Shahina's performance troupe. Zephyra, under the artistic direction of Shahina, is comprised of western dancers honoring and uniting the ancient Middle Eastern origins of belly dance with the modern day madonna that lives and breathes within all women from all cultures.

About Asfoura
Asfoura is the Arabic word for a little bird still under the wing of its mother. Not yet a soaring falconess, Asfoura is Shahina's pre-teen maiden dance troupe, consisting of girls ages 7-14.

About Middle Eastern Belly Dance
This huge topic is well categorized in the links area. Current brief articles about belly dance from the world press are found on the news page; older articles are in the news archives. Lengthier texts and musical selections are reviewed in the bookstore. Illustrations are found in the gallery.

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