Belly Dance Artistry

Shahina is a belly dancer, a professional performer and teacher of Middle Eastern dance, also known as raks sharqi or danse orientale. Shahina is based in Glen Ellyn Illinois in the western suburbs of Chicago. In addition to her belly dancing vocation and her other dance pursuits, Shahina finds artistic expression in silk dyeing, costume design and creation, figure modeling, painting, drawing, and composing poetry. She dedicates this website to sharing her life’s passions with you. Come in, get comfortable and enjoy!

   Are you looking for something different for your next party, fundraiser or corporate event? Allow me the privilege of entertaining your guests.
A tasteful belly dance performance by Shahina will impress and enthrall your guests. Please look further to explore the possibilities with me.


“Thank you… the guests are still raving about the party! I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we enjoyed having you!” —Litsa K.
“Thank you so much… you are beautiful!” —Jacquelyn
“The show was great! You are an amazing dancer!” —Alice
“You are a fantastic dance instructor.” —Jenna
“Thanks again for your generosity & fantastic performance.
We are still getting compliments from people.” —G.S.
“Thanks so much for everything! I’ve learned so much
and love the way you teach the classes.” —Michelle W
“I really enjoy your belly dance 101. You are a great teacher!” —Kaye
“I saw you dance Friday night. It was wonderful.” —Aliyah Ammal
“You defy the norm with such flavor and grace. I’m totally inspired and
impressed with all that you do but most of all your heart.” —Jani
“Shahina rocks! She’s really wonderful.” —Yasmin
“I really enjoyed your dance lessons. You are the best!” – Cora Burdic (visit my website mamoru.net!)
“I was so impressed with your veil dance!” —Monica read more

   Bellydance is an ancient art form. It has the power to nourish the soul, heal the body and transform the spirit of both the dancer and her audience.

Experience the poetry of the soul expressed as Shahina’s dance draws you into another world; a world where you can feel the pulse of the Earth resounding in your veins.

The appeal of bellydance transcends the boundaries of age and gender. As you watch the dance you will find yourself mirroring the movements.

You cannot escape. Do not try. Just let yourself be drawn into the energy of the dance. Too soon the music will end and you will ache to recapture these few moments of bliss.

Is this your first visit to Shahina’s website? Please begin your visit at my studio. This is the fastest way to acquaint yourself with my site so that you may most expeditiously navigate to the information you seek. After all, I dance to fascinate, enchant and captivate, but my website is here to inform, educate and edify.